Wedding Cake | 1g Live resin | DELIVERED COLD

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Sativa Dominant- Live Resin


Wedding Cake Live Resin is an amazing Indica Dominant Hybrid extract providing out of this world highs! The Wedding Cake strain has been created by the rad combination of Cherry Pie marijuana and Cherry Cookies cannabis. The delicious plant parents of Wedding Cake Live Resin intermingle to create this super flavourful, high terpene strain. Wedding Cake Live Resin is a great option for almost any setting, as it will provide fairly balanced effects that are somewhat dependant on the user’s surroundings.

Best Use
Wedding Cake Live Resin is a great option for both day and night use! The high begins swiftly, sending intense thoughts racing and focusing users on their surroundings; this is usually accompanied by euphoria and giggles. Soon, users will find Wedding Cake’s sedative effects, feeling a warmth spreading through them and a weight to their bodies. Despite the sedative effects, users will still remain focused and stimulated. The balance of Wedding Cake’s high means it is well suited to mind and body activities such as exercise, art, sex and dance. Eventually, the Wedding Cake Live Resin will lead to sleep. Used medicinally to treat stress, depression, anxiety and ADHD, Wedding Cake Live Resin has also been useful to those with pain issues, loss of appetite and insomnia.

Wedding Cake Live Resin is a terpene-heavy masterpiece. Aromatic and bursting with flavour; mossy, earthy aromas with just a hint of citrus welcome users upon opening the package. With subtle hints of sandalwood, vanilla and just a little bit of skunk in its inhale, Wedding Cake Live Resin is a scrumptious treat! We recommend pairing Wedding Cake Live Resin with a fruity alcoholic beverage – our favourite is a Cosmopolitan! This sweet pairing will draw out subtle fruit flavours and diversify the profile even more. The alcohol will intermingle with the marijuana effects and intensify the mental experience in the most pleasant way!

Wedding Cake Live Resin is a high-strength extract. We advise that beginners start with very small quantities and increase the dosage accordingly.


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