Tuna Kush | 1g Live resin | DELIVERED COLD

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Indica Dominant Hybrid – Live Resin


A legend in BC and gaining acclaim internationally for its medical benefits, Tuna Live Resin is an affordable but potent Indica extract that gives you the classic body stone and couchlock effects without breaking the bank. Named after the infamous smugglers of marijuana in the 70s. Tuna Live Resin will provide even the most seasoned of smokers with a wicked high!

A descendant of the infamous Hindu Kush, Tuna  produces dense nugs, caked in resinous trichomes. Small, mossy green nugs are mottled by copious orange and red pistils and touched on occasion by purple hues throughout. Tuna Special is potent and stinky; not the best choice for a discreet Thanksgiving dinner with your grandparents (unless they’re really chill grandparents). Not a large yielding bud, the buds you do get are potent and pungent.

Best Use
Best used once the sun has started to descend, Tuna Live Resin is a quintessential Indica. Relax with this clean yet strong high. This versatile extract can be brought out at dinner parties, on the beach or while surfing the net. Dab too much, and you might find yourself with a case of ‘couchlock’.

Make sure to have some quality snacks on hand—Tuna Live Resin is known to leave users with an intense case of the munchies! Ideal for a pre-coital pick-me-up, Tuna Live Resin is known to help stimulate arousal as well as euphoric joy. A stimulating extract, Tuna Live Resin will initially heighten all senses and some may feel close to overload before the high finally crests and all goes quiet and the mind goes blank. Like the eye of the storm, it may be a little overwhelming reaching the calm but it is worth it for the sensational sensation of peace.

A classic, Tuna Live Resin really does offer tuna flavours and aroma to the smoker. Earthy and pungent with woody notes to the inhale and citrusy undertones, Tuna Live Resin is certainly a strong smelling and tasting extract that is best used in open spaces as it is likely to linger. Tuna Live Resin is nicely paired with a cool glass of lemonade, enhancing the citrus undertones and cutting through the dry mouth which accompanies this strain.

Tuna Live Resin is a high strength Indica extract. The effects of the extract will, of course, vary from user to user depending on tolerance. .


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