Tropicana Live Resin | 1g ❄️DELIVERED COLD❄️


Produced in BC, providing highs out of this world!
Indica Dominant Hybrid | 1g | Premium Live Resin


A selectively bred hybrid tropical cannabis cross claiming proud Big Bud X White Widow paternal influence. known for a trademark sweet orange citrus grapefruit flavour.

Best Use
Considerably strong in clean-reaching mind-clearing socially functional cerebrally dominant effects. Not as much of a rapid ascension as previous versions, equal in strength but more enjoyable in the result. Long in duration, with a just as easy let down following the surprisingly sneaky pure powerful if not unnoticeable start.

Smooth and easy, like a citrus kissed sunny skunky summer afternoon in the tropics. Politely pungent on initial inhalation with an orange hinted zeal appeal ascending amidst sharper citrus before balancing out with a fleeting, leaving you wanting more, attitude. Smooth semi-sour and evenly balanced in flavour. Mellow powdered fruitiness knocks the edge of any noticeable sour citrus astringency. A distinct indication of fruity skunk funk adds tropical maybe mango sultriness, lending a velvety humid smoothness in attitude rather than taste.

This live resin is a high strength product when it comes to the general consumption of THC; however, when compared to other extracts, this product is fairly average in potency.


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