Train Wreck Hash Rosin | 1g ❄️DELIVERED COLD❄️


Quality extracts from quality buds, made with love in BC
Indica Dominant Hybrid | 1g | Premium Rosin


Strain Information
Trainwreck is a Sativa dominant Hybrid strain made to fire up your engines and then take you on a smooth ride. Known for its potency, Trainwreck will give users a strong mental high and will taper out to a comfortable body buzz. Trainwreck is an anomaly in that it retains many of its Indica effects despite being a Sativa Dominant Hybrid.

Best Use
Trainwreck Rosin is excellent for pain relief due to its high THC content. As such, it’s ideal for alleviating back pain, migraines, arthritis and most other chronic pains. It is also a choice strain for those wanting to get creative or feel an intense high filled with joy and euphoria. Trainwreck is best used when you want to get that creative, euphoric buzz and follow it with deep relaxation. Trainwreck Rosin is touted the world over for its potency. From its initial mind-bending high to its couch-locking afterglow, this strain is recommended for use by seasoned smokers and cannasseurs. From start to finish, Trainwreck delivers a strong effect to body and mind. A little can go a long way with this flower.

Trainwreck Rosin has a very robust flavour combination, hitting you with strong pine and citrus blend. The pine flavours are woody and spicy, while the citrus flavours cut the pine’s richness with a lemony tang. Its fragrance is very similar; its aroma is very pungent and true to flavour. With Trainwreck, what you smell is what you get.

Trainwreck Rosin is a Medium-High Strength Sativa Dominant Hybrid. We recommend new users proceed with caution. Start low and build up that tolerance slowly.


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