Space Cookies Shatter | 3.5g DELIVERED COLD


Premium Indica Shatter


Strain Information
Purple Space Cookies cannabis is a strong and long-lasting hybrid! Purple Space Cookies is a great option for basically any time of the day; with its high strength but smooth and steady high, this spectacular strain is sure to please all types of palates! Purple Space Cookies cannabis burns smooth and sweet right down to the end with the expected white ash. Purple Space Cookies marijuana will produce a potent balanced hybrid effect, that will be immediately uplifting, and will leave users bursting at the seams with happiness!

Purple Space Cookies is known for fluffy and full buds that are light green in colour. Deep purple hairs are intertwined throughout which is where the name of the strain comes from — the buds are purple, the high will blast you off to space, and the taste is as scrumptiously sweet as a cookie!

Best use
Purple Space Cookies Shatter is a hybrid extract which means that it is a great option for absolutely any time of the day or night. Upon first inhalation, the cerebral effects will be evident – a wave of happiness will surround your mind, and frustrations and anxieties will float far away. A pleasant body buzz will ensue and will last for a while. Purple Space Cookies Shatter is a versatile extract and can be dabbed by newer users and advanced ganja connoisseurs alike. Be sure to have some snacks on hand as Purple Space Cookies Shatter is known to produce an onset of munchies.

Purple Space Cookies Shatter maintains a strong fruity, earthy and sweet blackberry taste. Purple Space Cookies Shatter has a pungent aroma of sweet berry that resembles candy. Upon first inhalation the strong berry taste will be evident and, as Purple Space Cookies Rosin lingers, the flavour will slowly turn into that of sweet caramel. Pro Tip: Try pairing Purple Space Cookies Rosin with a slice of mango. Mango will not only enhance the flavour profile of the extract by highlighting the fruity undertones, but it will also actually strengthen the high and make the cerebral experience even more potent!

Purple Space Cookies Shatter is a potent extract, beginners should be cautious!


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