Space Carts | Buford | 1.0ml | Live Resin

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Space craft live resin htfse vape carts are made using only ultra pure thc distillate and live resin htfse.
Balanced hybrid | ~87% THC | 1.0 ml


Strain Information
Buford Live Resin Cart is a hand-crafted hybrid extract praised for its beautifully balanced effects. The Buford cannabis strain is created from the crossbreeding of two highly potent strains: Sour Kush (OG Kush x ONCYD) and Rare Dankness #1. This crazy specific blend of cannabis has culminated into the glorious Buford marijuana that we have used to carefully craft this Live Resin. Buford Live Resin will provide users with a titillating cerebral buzz and a rush of full-body relaxation. Buford Live Resin is best used on a higher temperature (500 degrees) as it heightens the flavour profile and intensifies the clouds.

Best Use
Buford Live Resin is the perfect product for both daytime and evening use. Upon first inhalation, the pulsating mental effects will be felt – beginning from behind the eyes and spreading throughout the brain. All negative thoughts will drift far off as pure positivity takes its place. In addition, the mental effects include a surge of creativity and the urge to focus on specific tasks – making this strain a fantastic option for those who suffer from ADHD. After a few more inhalations, the bodily effects will begin to appear. The bodily buzz will be warm and will cause users to feel like they are one with the items they touch; pure bliss and relaxation will ensue. Buford Live Resin is the ideal extract for basically anytime and in any setting. Whether going to a house party, having a BBQ on the beach, or just chilling at home watching Netflix, Buford Live Resin is the perfect addition!

Buford Live Resin smells quite tangy and gaseous. The aroma is not far off from the flavour, as Buford live Resin tastes fairly lemony and has definite undertones of diesel. Upon first inhalation, users will be met with a deep dank gas flavour with slight orange tones mixed within. Subsequent inhalations will allow the citrus undertones to flow forward. The flavour profile of Buford Live Resin is diverse.

Buford Live Resin is medium to high strength and is suitable for cannabis lovers at all levels.


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