Shipwreck | 1g Shatter | DELIVERED COLD


Sativa Dominant Premium Shatter 1 gram


Appropriately named for its sometimes sedative qualities, Shipwreck is a mystery among cannabis lovers. Unknown breeders have crossed Trainwreck with Mothership to produce a sativa-dominant strain that will take you up on a cloud then plunge you deep to the ocean floor.

Best Use
Shipwreck’s effects seem as if they’ll be permanent, with a high that lasts for hours on end. Unlike a vessel that will never be retrieved from the sea, you’ll eventually return to normal, but not before experiencing a strong body buzz and a euphoric sense of calm. Despite the fact that sativa genetics are slightly more prominent here, many find that they relax quite quickly and are able to get a good night of sleep after a few hits. Others note a fleeting sense of productivity before succumbing to Shipwreck’s wiles.  General bouts of pain including headaches, inflammation, or sore muscles are washed away while the strain’s cerebral effects combat stress and depression. Again, depending on your particular genetic makeup, you may find this strain to be a bit of an upper or you could melt into full relaxation pretty quickly.

You may think that Shipwreck will go easy on you with an average of 15% THC, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. These neon green and purple buds are coated in sticky resin and ensure that you’re going to have one heck of a voyage. A bold combination of diesel and dank notes, this strain blends spice, citrus, and skunk to create a smoke that only true connoisseurs would enjoy.


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