Rockstar Shatter | 1.0 DELIVERED COLD


Premium Hybrid Shatter


Rockstar Shatter is a fantastic Indica extract. Parented by an unlikely set of lovers, Rockstar cannabis was originally bred by Bonguru Beans in Amsterdam, Holland. The maternal strain, Rockbud, is a conglomeration of Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghan Hawaiian. Bonguru bred her with a potent Indica strain by the name of Sensi Star, known for its heavy body effects and subtle cerebral hints. The crystals shimmer like a starlit night against this bud’s dark green and slightly purple coloration. All this means one thing: Rockstar cannabis is a spectacular bud that leaves you blissful, bubbly, yet beautifully relaxed and the rosin it produces is even more potent and delicious than the flower!

Best Use
Rockstar Shatter is the ideal dab for the late afternoon or evening. Hit it up relax with this clean yet strong high. Rockstar Shatter is a versatile extract that can be easily brought out in dinner parties, on the beach or while surfing the net. Dab too much, and you might find yourself with a case of ‘couchlock’. Upon first inhalation, a strong and vibrant bodily buzz will be felt. Later, the bodily sensation will begin to creep into the mind and provide a completely ‘chilled-out’ experience.

Rockstar Shatter is a light and spicy extract with strong Kush-like noise. Upon first inhalation, the earthy and cedar scents will start to fill both the air and the mouth. After a few more inhalations, light and smooth caramel flavours will arise and a mouthful of sweetness will ensue. We recommend pairing Rockstar Shatter with some chocolate. This pairing will enhance the flavours of the extract immensely and bring the sugary sweet undertones to the forefront!

Rockstar Shatter is a high-strength Indica dominant extract. We recommend always starting slow to gauge tolerance and increasing dosage accordingly.


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