Quiche | 1g Shatter | DELIVERED COLD


Indica Dominant Premium Shatter 1 gram


Quiche aka Kish or Shishkaberry is an 80% Indica dominant strain crossed with DJ Short Blueberry and a mysterious Afghani Indica strain. The switcharoo effects of Shishkaberry will have you soaring into space with a euphoric cerebral high before snapping you back to reality with a swooshing body high that will leave you sleeping like a rock. Shishkaberry is known for its luscious strawberry aroma and super potent high with a THC level reaching up to 27%. Shishkaberry buds are dense, long and a blazing shade of royal purple-tinged with olive green. This cannabis strain is like a freshly plucked bouquet that will scintillate all of your senses!


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