Purple Space Berries | 3.5g Shatter | DELIVERED COLD

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Slightly Indica Dominant 60/40 –  Premium Shatter 3.5 gram


A cross of Shishkaberry x Purple Space Cookies, Purple Space Berries cannabis is a deliciously fragrant, fruity and potent strain. A beautiful Indica dominant hybrid extract, Purple Space Berries Shatter is a chill, euphoric toke, perfect for social evenings! Expect to share this shatter, because everyone is gonna wanna piece.

Purple Space Berries marijuana is a beautifully sticky but fluffy bud. With great structure and beautiful definition, the stunning colours and icy trichomes of Purple Space Berries are a sight for sore eyes. Purple, green and orange are intertwined and enveloped in a jewelled trichome casing.

Best Use
An Indica dominant hybrid, Purple Space Berries Shatter is ideal for late afternoon or evening use. A euphoric, uplifting extract that’s nice and talkative, Purple Space Berries Shatter is perfect for some sunset chilling with your buddies. Relaxing without being demotivating, Purple Space Berries Shatter is well suited to some Netflix or a walk, or even a meal or drinks with your SO or BFF. A great extract for pain or stress, there’s nothing but love for the delightfully potent and long-lasting Purple Space Berries Shatter.

A smooth, heavy toke, Purple Space Berries Shatter is deliciously fruity, with berry and citrus on the inhale. Herbal, woody and earthy undertones are present, alongside a sweet undercurrent. Perfect as a dessert extract or even as an apéritif, Purple Space Cookies Shatter starts fruity and becomes more earthy in flavour towards the end of the dab. Nicely paired with sangria or some raspberry ripple ice-cream, Purple Space Cookies Shatter really is a treat.

Potent and long-lasting, expect Purple Space Cookies Shatter to knock your socks off if you’re less experienced. Of course, your own tolerance plays a huge factor in a strain’s potency, so if you’re a novice, start slow but cannasseurs can go a little harder.


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