Platinum Blackberry Special Shatter | 3.5g


Indica Dominant Hybrid Shatter


Platinum Blackberry cannabis is an Indica Dominant Hybrid perfect for users looking for a relaxing yet uplifting body and mind high. Platinum Blackberry cannabis is a cross between the premium Platinum OG Kush and Blackberry Kush. This terrific combination creates a flower truly like no other! Platinum Blackberry cannabis buds are round, full, and covered In crystally white trichomes! This particular batch of Platinum Blackberry cannabis is filled with large buds that are forest green in colour and have fiery orange hairs running all throughout! Each bud is delicately coated in a spectacular sheet of sparkling crystals!

Best Use
Platinum Blackberry Special Shatter is an Indica dominant extract; however, its balanced effects provide for a good daytime or nighttime dab! For a seasoned smoker, Platinum Blackberry Special Shatter is great for day or night. For novice smokers, this extract would be best delegated for evening use. Upon inhalation, the body buzz will surge through the body at rocket speed. After a few more moments the body buzz will drift gently to the mind and a wave of pure relaxation will wash over the mind. Platinum Blackberry Special Shatter is great for users looking for relief from insomnia, stress, and hyperactivity, as well as being a good mood-balancing strain.

Platinum Blackberry Special Shatter smells similar to a field full of fresh berries with dank and earthy undertones. Its flavour takes on more of an earthy diesel taste but shortly after is followed by a burst of juicy blackberry and sweet melon! Upon inhalation, the perfect preliminary taste of fresh berries will fill the mouth. On the exhalation, melon and herbal undertones will come to the forefront. We recommend pairing Platinum Blackberry Special Shatter with a slice of mango or pear. This perfect pairing will round out the fruit flavours and allow the full diversity of the extract to be experienced!

With a high potency, the effects of Platinum Blackberry Special Shatter will vary from user to user depending on tolerance.


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