Pineapple Sour AAA++ Sativa Dominant – Great Nose and Flavor – BLOWOUT!!!

Sativa Dominant
Available in 7.2g | 14.4g | 28.8g

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Pineapple Sour marijuana is a Sativa dominant hybrid that maintains a lovely sweet nose and provides a brilliant cerebral high! Pineapple Sour marijuana is a wicked combination of the strains Sour Diesel and Pineapple Kush. Pineapple Sour cannabis will provide users with a burst of energy that is sure to stick around all throughout the day. Pineapple Sour marijuana is a sweeter strain; however, the sweet is subtle and the overall taste is quite light. This Strain is ideal for morning and daytime use. Pineapple Sour cannabis can also be smoked at night if you do not mind keeping an active mind. Pineapple sour is known to provide users with an energetic Sativa high that will allow for gushes of happy feelings and positive vibes! Upon first inhalation, the cerebral high will be felt. The mind will be clear but a very strong wave of happiness will flood the mind. After a few more inhalations the cerebral effects will intensify and a very slight body tingling sensation will be felt. The bodily sensation will be light but the mental effects will be substantial. Overall, the high provided by Pineapple Sour will be one filled with immense love and may result in life reflection and evoke feelings of great appreciation for those nearby; therefore, we recommend sharing Pineapple Sour with some friends to spread the love! Pineapple Sour is a Sativa product which means that it is a spectacular option for those in search of relief of chronic pain, depression, stress, nausea, migraines and fatigue.

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7.2 grams (¼ oz), 14.4 grams (½ oz), 28.8 grams (Full Oz)


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