Papaya Punch AAA – Slightly Indica Dominant – Sweet Papaya and Spice- LAST HLF OZ $55

Indica Dominant 22-28% THC
Available in 7.2g | 14.4g | 28.8g

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Ah, the enchanting Papaya Punch strain, a delightful creation that showcases the artistry and ingenuity of cannabis genetics. This exquisite strain is the offspring of a tantalizing union between Papaya and Purple Punch, resulting in a truly mesmerizing experience. As a connoisseur, I am enthralled by the harmonious balance of indica and sativa traits displayed by Papaya Punch. Its flavor profile is a tropical paradise for the senses, with succulent notes of ripe papaya cascading across the palate, accompanied by undertones of sweet berries and a subtle hint of spice. With a THC percentage reaching impressive heights, often exceeding 25%, Papaya Punch delivers a potent and invigorating high that evokes a sense of euphoria and relaxation. It is a strain that transports one to a tropical oasis, where worries dissolve, and blissful tranquility takes hold. Papaya Punch is a testament to the power of genetic mastery, offering a flavor profile that tantalizes the taste buds and a THC potency that sets it apart as a truly remarkable strain.



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7.2 grams (¼ oz), 14.4 grams (½ oz), 28.8 grams (Full Oz)


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