Nuken Special | 3.5g Shatter | DELIVERED COLD


Premium Indica Shatter 3.5g


A cross between Kish x God Bud, Nuken is an Indica strain of renown and much popularity. Strong, without knocking users senseless, Nuken is a strain with a considerable THC level of roughly between 15-20%. Nuken Shatter is a potent extract, ideal for topping a bowl or joint and can be even used to make some delicious hash or rosin. Nuken Shatter is ideal for a relaxed and happy evening with friends. A potent Indica extract, Nuken Shatter offers users euphoria and uplifts them, while also ushering them towards the cozy confines of their own bed. A tingly strain, users can expect to feel a cerebral rush of joy before becoming uplifted and relaxed. As the high moves into the limbs and body, unclenching every muscle and soothing every nerve, users can expect to feel tingles and joy before eventually ending up yawning on the couch. Prepare to get some minor munchies, so have some goodies on standby just in case.

A choice extract for pain, stress, muscle spasms, fatigue, depression, Nuken Shatter offers some potent relief but may leave users with some serious cottonmouth, so keep some water close at hand. Nuken Shatter is an earthy strain with sweet berry and honey overtones accented by cedar and pine. Pungent in the nose, Nuken Shatter also offers some perfume and florals on the exhale. Nicely paired with a handful of nuts or a green tea, Nuken Shatter is delicious. Nuken Shatter is a High Strength Indica Dominant Hybrid extract. We recommend new users proceed with caution.


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