Space Carts | Violator Kush | 1.0ml | Live Resin

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Space craft live resin htfse vape carts are made using only ultra pure thc distillate and live resin htfse.
Indica Dominant | ~87% THC | 1.0 ml


Violator OG is an Indica dominant hybrid, with a high of about 80%, leaving the Sativa level down at about 20%. Its THC content can average around 16-18%%, but it is quite common for it to reach as high as about 22%, or even 24%.

Best Use

This cannabis strain is generally recommended for nighttime use, but it may prove helpful in the late afternoons as well when one is desperately in need of some relaxation after a strenuous workday. Its CBD content of about 1.5% is known to bring its users also into a more social and talkative state.


This cannabis strain is widely loved by many cannabis fans. The potent effects it brings is a favourite among its users. The impressive Indica properties of Violator OG are recognized amongst the award winners. In 2010, this cannabis strain won first place at the Canadian Cannabis Cup.


Its THC concentration generally acts quickly and with great strength. Its CBD content engaging with your system is what explains the robust sedating and relaxing effects of this hybrid.

*You need a vape battery to use Space Cart Vape Carts. Please be aware carts are 510 threaded.


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