🍄💊New🍄💊 Happy Snacks – Vivid – Natural Mood Enhancer



Mood Microdosing Mushroom Capsules is a blend of natural herbs and ingredients partnered with different strains of psilocybin cubensis “magic” mushrooms. A mild-hallucinogenic mushroom great for micro-dosing and daily use to help enhance your quality of life. How to use: For optimal physiological effects and to minimize Psilocybin tolerance, take one Supplement every 3 days. Alternate dosing schedules can be found online. Each 200mg Capsule Contains: 200mg Golden Teacher Mushroom Dosage Guide MICRO 100 – 300 mg BEGINNER 300 – 1000 mg AVERAGE 1000 – 3000 mg EXPERIENCED 3500 mg +

Ingredient List:

Golden Teacher Mushroom – Known for its mild hallucinogen effects, creative influence and self awareness effects.


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