Mixed Sour ¿Gummies? | 150mg THC | 15 Pieces – 10mg per piece.

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Premium gummies created with fresh and natural ingredients. Produced in Beautiful British Columbia.
10mg THC per gummy | 15 gummies per package


These premium medium-dose mixed sour THC gummies are handcrafted on the coast of Beautiful British Columbia. These THC gummies are a perfect combination of sweet and sour, finishing with juicy flavours of fresh mixed fruits and candies, that is clean and refreshing on your palate. THC gummies are made from scratch using THC and are not melted down like many other similar products. These delectable medicated gummies will brighten your day or night leaving your body and mindset in balance.

Best Use
Mixed Sour Gummies are a wonderful low-dose, reliably portioned option you can put your faith in, ideal for accurate regulation of your consumption. These gummies are great for relief on-the-go and will fit discreetly into your pocket or purse. Mixed Sour Gummies are great for levelling out on the weekend, enjoying your favourite leisure activity or can be enjoyed by dream explorers seeking a revitalizing day of napping. Mixed Sour Gummies promote relaxation and are also a fantastic source of relief from chronic pain, neuropathic pain, general inflammatory issues and insomnia. These gummies are great for sharing with friends but don’t worry, you can absolutely keep all these juicy treats for yourself!

With a delicious sour flavour, these gummies are explosively tangy. Offering an array of your childhood favourites, these treats will remind you of the Five Cent Candies from your local store. With no cannabis flavour, the Mixed Sour Gummies are a discreet and efficient way to enjoy cannabis in its extracted form. Made using distillate derived from BC bud, you too can share in the west coast experience. Easy for on-the-go consumption and dosed with absolute precision, these gummies are a safe and controlled way to consume THC. Please always keep edibles and other cannabis products away and out of reach of animals and children, do not drive or operate heavy machinery after consumption and please do not consume if pregnant.

For users’ convenience, each gummy is dosed at 10mg. Always take edibles with food and allow two hours for the full effect. As always with edibles, we suggest users start low and take it slow. As with any edibles, if users ever feel they’ve gone too far, they should try to relax. The effects of the THC will subside in a few hours and a dose of CBD can even help take the edge off.


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