Mendo Cheddar AAA+ – Indica Dominant – Premium Quality Smoke – Great Nose and Flavor

Indica Dominant
Available in 7.2g and 14.4g

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Mendo Cheddar is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the deliciously powerful Cheese X Mendo Breath strains. This fusion elicits an intriguing combination of flavors and aromas packed into each tasty little bug, with hints of pungent skunky cheese and sweet fresh grape all wrapped up into one smooth yet sometimes harsh smoke. Each nug is small and round with a rich olive green color to it with dazzling purple undertones and contrasting bright orange hairs with lavender colored trichomes decking its entire body. The Mendo Cheddar high packs a beautiful blend of full-bodied effects that hit both the mind and body with a stoney overall feeling. The high starts with a cerebral lift that leaves you feeling completely euphoric, almost like you can walk on air. As your mind lifts further into cerebral bliss, you’ll start to fade a bit, falling victim to a potent stone. This stoney effect will creep throughout the rest of your body in relaxing waves, leaving you sleepy and heavily sedated. Thanks to these effects in combination with its high 17-25% THC level, Mendo Cheddar is often said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic stress, depression, chronic pain, and mood swings.

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7.2 grams (¼ oz), 14.4 grams (½ oz)


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