Jack’s Cleaner | 1g Live resin | DELIVERED COLD

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Sativa Dominant- Live Resin


Jack’s Cleaner cannabis is a potent Sativa dominant hybrid cross of Cleaner cannabis and Jack Herrer marijuana. Additionally, Jack’s Cleaner cannabis has traces of the Purple Haze, Northern Lights and Pluton strain. The high provided by Jack’s Cleaner is super uplifting and is perfect for altering negative perspectives and promoting positive attitudes. The experience provided will be felt in both the body and the mind; Jack’s Cleaner cannabis will provide total body immersion into the effects of the high.

Typically, Jack’s Cleaner cannabis is light green and yellow in colour. Decadent trichomes cover each bud giving this strain a very sticky look. This particular batch of Jack’s Cleaner cannabis contains medium-sized buds that have a clear sunshine yellow tone. A few, thin, amber-coloured hairs are twisted throughout each bud. Crystallin trichomes coat the yellow bud, giving it a gorgeous shimmery-gold look.

Best Use
Jack’s Cleaner cannabis’ is a Sativa dominant marijuana strain, which makes it perfect for morning and daytime use. Although Jack’s Cleaner cannabis leans toward the Sativa side, it still maintains some chillaxing effects of Indica, resulting in a high that is quite delicate and balanced. Upon first inhalation, the buzz will be felt primarily in the temples. The brain buzz will spread all over the face and slowly move down the body as the smoke session continues. After about 4 puffs the mind will begin to feel extremely light. Moods will be elevated and smokers will be left with happy thoughts and the urge to be productive. Hyper-focus is also a typical effect produced by this strain. Jack’s Cleaner cannabis is a great smoke for getting social as it is sure to turn even the most introverted individual into a chatter-box! Jack’s Cleaner will bring about the munchies, so ensure that snacks are nearby. Our favourite time to smoke Jack’s Cleaner cannabis is before a party or before having a large meal with a friend!


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