Jack Skellington Shatter | 1g


Sativa Shatter


What’s this?! Jack Skellington Shatter is a Sativa-dominant extract that offers clarity of mind to dabbers, inducing euphoria, introspection and creativity. Derived from a cross of Killer Queen x Jack the Ripper, Jack Skellington Shatter comes from beautiful big buds that are amazingly resinous. Olive buds are heavily mixed with vibrant orange hairs and are encrusted in glassy trichomes. Meditative and tangy, Jack Skellington Shatter is a real treat (no trick)! Jack Skellington Shatter is ideal for casual social settings and is best suited to daytime use. Talkative, while also offering euphoria, focus and a sense of being uplifted, Jack Skellington Shatter is often used to help alleviate depression, pain, headaches and stress.

With a citrus and diesel aroma before being dabbed, Jack Skellington Shatter stays true to form, being light, sweet and smooth when hit. Hints of fruit and sweetness are in the undertones of this pungent and tangy shatter.


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