Space Carts | Mimosa Cookies Cart 1ml

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Best Use
An Indica dominant hybrid, Mimosa Cookies marijuana is best suited to late afternoon or evening use. A euphoric, uplifting strain that’s nice and talkative, Mimosa Cookies cannabis starts with a strong head high, causing a sense of pressure in both the head and body. A versatile strain, Mimosa Cookies marijuana is perfect for chilling with your buddies, gaming, partying, walking or hiking but does have some secret couchlock if you sit still for too long. A wonderful strain for pain or stress, this juicy strain is just what the doctor ordered.

A smooth, heavy smoke, Mimosa Cookies cannabis is very skunky and earthy, with notes of fruit and berries. Citrus notes and floral aromas are interspersed with peppery spiciness and peaty undercurrents. Perfectly suited to being a dessert strain or even an apéritif, Mimosa Cookies marijuana starts fruity and becomes more earthy in flavour towards the second half of the joint. Nicely paired with sangria or some mango gelato, Mimosa Cookies cannabis is truly a delicious treat.

Potent and enduring, expect Mimosa Cookies marijuana to knock your socks off if you’re a less experienced smoker. Of course, your own tolerance plays a huge factor in a strain’s potency, so if you’re a novice, start slow but cannasseurs can go a little harder. The effects of the strain will, of course, vary from user to user depending on tolerance.

*You need a vape battery to use Space Cart Vape Carts. Please be aware carts are 510 threaded.


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