Death Bubba Live Resin | 1g DELIVERED COLD


Produced in BC, providing highs out of this world!
Indica | 1g | Premium Live Resin


Death Bubba Live Resin will take you on a wild ride leaving you in a waking coma-like state. Best enjoyed in the evening, before bed, or after work, either solo or with close friends in a chilled environment. As the high accelerates, you will drift far away from social situations, sinking deep into your thoughts. Death Bubba Live Resin maintains body numbing effects that are widely sought after by medical users seeking aid for chronic pain. Death Bubba Live Resin is also great for depression and stress as it has mood stimulating effects that will give you that burst of joy and relaxation you long for. Death Bubba Live Resin has the ability to aid those suffering from insomnia – fire this strain up close to bedtime for the deepest sleep outside of a coffin!

Death Bubba Live Resin smells of sweet grass and skunk with an aroma of musky earthy pine. The taste is often described as spicy, rounded out with lemon zest and rum flavours making this strain a perfect nightcap. The exhale finishes with pungent earthy tones that are sweet and clean and balanced on the palate. We recommend pairing Death Bubba Live Resin with a nice cup of camomile tea to bring out the subtle citrus undertones and diversify the flavour profile! Another great way to enhance the lemon undertones is to munch on a handful of sour candies while using Death Bubba Live Resin. Not only will sour candies positively enhance the flavour, but it will also intensify the effects of your high and give you an even higher strength experience!

Death Bubba Live Resin is locked and loaded with high calibre knock out power, novice users should proceed with caution!


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