Bubba Blackberry Cookies | 3.5g Shatter | DELIVERED COLD



Bubba Blackberry Cookies is a strong Sativa Dominant Hybrid and is a popular choice for cannasseurs. The high is an excellent choice for those in need of a creative breakthrough. From artist to engineer, this strain enables the user to find a new perspective, get creative and transcend the limits of their own imagination.

Best Use
Bubba Blackberry Cookies is ideal for a serious session and we would recommend you fill your pantry before you light up. The strain name appears to be fittingly food-centric, as Bubba Blackberry Cookies will have the user raiding their own refrigerator to satisfy their munchies. The strain is extremely euphoric and is ideal for a ‘chill’ experience.

The sweet, fruity, flowery, strong berry taste of Bubba Blackberry Cookies has made it a hit among our customers, just read the reviews! Touted for its aroma and flavour, the sweet cookie taste is complemented on the exhale by the berry notes. It has some punch to the nose and eyes and is frequently said to be a smooth smoke.

This cannabis strain has a focused high, which makes it adaptable for both novice users and advanced. Bubba Blackberry Cookies carries a low risk for THC induced anxiety and paranoia. Beware, as overindulgence of Bubba Blackberry Cookies can create an intense high!


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