Blue Guava Shatter | 3.5g


Hybrid Shatter


Blue Guava Shatter is derived from an up-and-coming Hybrid strain developed to offer both a body and mind high. Blue Guava Shatter strongly displays the strain’s parentage, of Guava Kush and Blue Dream, in the effects it produces. It produces a creative and euphoric high, while also allowing the body to relax and tingle. Blue Guava Shatter is a great extract for pain relief. As such, it’s ideal for alleviating moderate pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety. It is also a choice extract for sociability, allowing the user to relax and hang out with friends. Although it is not a couch-locking strain, the tail end of Blue Guava Shatter’s buzz will provide the user with a sound night’s sleep.

Blue Guava Shatter has a sweet, tropical and fruity aroma, with a hint of the earth through its taste. With other notes of citrus and spice mingling through both the flavour and aroma, Blue Guava Shatter is truly a unique experience, gaining popularity for its effects, but also for its flavour profile. Blue Guava Shatter may be a little softer than premium shatter tends to be. We recommend to always store shatter in a cool, dry place to add more snap to it. Blue Guava Shatter is a moderate to strong potency extract, with a much higher THC than CBD content. As a result, although it offers moderate pain relief, Blue Guava Shatter is better suited to anxiety, insomnia, stress and depression, being quite potent in the relief it offers from disorders of a mental origin.


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