Black Domina Hash Rosin | 1g ❄️DELIVERED COLD❄️


Quality extracts from quality buds, made with love in BC
Indica Dominant Hybrid | 1g | Premium Rosin


A cross of Northern Lights x Ortega x Hash Plant x Afghani SA, this Black Domina Rosin is derived from a potent Indica Dominant Hybrid. With a weighty and dense bud structure and a bountiful yield, Black Domina flowers in 7-9 weeks. Its quintessentially Indica buds are coated in a white, frosty trichome layer, speaking to the strain’s potency.

Best Use
Offering users a relaxed and happy high, this Black Domina Rosin makes users feel euphoric, tingly and sleepy, enticing them towards bed. Prepare for a deep sleep like no other as users report melting into bed after use. Ideal for stress, pain, appetite loss, depression, muscle spasms and insomnia, this rosin has a multitude of medicinal uses.

Black Domina is an earthy strain with a woody edge and spicy, herbal overtones. A delicious strain, this rosin is mouthwatering as well as potent.

This is a high-strength Indica rosin. Beginners, beware!


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