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We Offer Same Day Delivery on Vape Carts & Batteries in Vancouver, BC

Kick back and relax with a rich vape experience designed for true bud enthusiasts in Vancouver. Our smooth vape carts are made with the finest live resin concentrates, carefully extracted from quality buds at the peak of freshness. Less is more with our potent vape strains, as you’ll only need a few puffs to experience a new level of euphoria, chill, and dreamy introspection. 

Like all of the hand-selected buds and vapes, you’ll find at BC Exotics, we only feature products sourced from trusted manufacturers that prioritize clean growing practices. Many of our featured products are naturally grown in Living Soil Organic (L.S.O.), and only make the roster if they meet our highest standards for weed excellence.

What Kinds of Vape Products Do We Have?

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We have everything you need to get started on your vape journey at BC Exotics. Our ultra-potent vape carts are compatible with any 510 threaded vape battery and pack ~87% ultra-pure THC into convenient 1.0 ml cartridges. If you’re ready to take your Vancouver vape experience to the next level, we offer:

  • Vape Carts
  • Vape Batteries
  • & More

Choose the Vape for a Cleaner Experience

With less smoke, higher potency, and discreet packaging, vaping is the preferred choice for many of our bud enthusiasts. Unlike traditional smoking, ultra-pure resin concentrates allow for fewer puffs while providing our patrons with the long-lasting highs they’re after. 

The convenience of a vape is perfect for traveling and stealth use. With less smoke and fewer puffs required, you don’t have to worry about your clothes or hair clinging to the odors. Unlike traditional marijuana buds that can produce a scent, vape carts are self-contained and greatly reduce the overall fragrance emanating from the packaging. 

Along with the convenience, many users prefer the vape experience as it can be less intense for sensitive lungs or airways. Since the smallest puffs will have you feeling relaxed and relieved, vaping is the ideal choice for bud enthusiasts looking for an alternative to reduce smoking while still enjoying all that marijuana has to offer. 

Affordable Vape Products You Can Purchase in Vancouver

Since we work directly with our fresh manufacturers in Vancouver, our vape products feature the lowest prices in the business. Combined with the fastest vape and pre-rolled joints delivery in the Vancouver area, and you’ll be on your way to complete relaxation in no time. 

Our user-friendly website provides unparalleled access to ultra-pure vape supplies whenever you’re running low. With free delivery available throughout Vancouver in an hour or less, you’ll never have to wait long for a fresh bud or vape delivery.
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With our convenient weed delivery app, you can even track your potent delivery up to the minute it arrives. Our discreet delivery drivers are focused on fast service, and will always respect your privacy with 100% confidential delivery. We take your trust in our fresh services seriously and do our best to simplify the entire process every step of the way.

Discover a Cleaner Buzz With Our Vape Carts

Searching for a smoother vape experience without any of the added junk? Our purely potent vape carts feature only the essentials for an experience that is great tasting and guaranteed to exceed your highest expectations. Our West Coast Cabbage vape products are better because they are made with:

  • A 100% organic oil base
  • No PG, VG, MCT oil, or alcohol
  • A full-spectrum cannabis extract

The best reason to grab some vape carts for a fresher puff anytime? Our premier vapes are extra potent if you want less smoke and all of the benefits. Additionally, the ultra-potent 1 ml found in our leading vape products goes a long way, providing about 100 puffs. Our superior vapes provide the most bang for your buck if incredible value, less smoke, and an ultra-pure experience are the priority.

We Deliver Our Vape Carts in Vancouver & Beyond

Add a few vape carts to any delivery order and prepare to elevate your natural wellness routine! If you’ve been searching for a healthy and smoke-free alternative, this potent option is one of our most popular picks. All of our finest blends and vape batteries come with our fast and free delivery service. Before you order, be sure to ask about our discount specials and learn more about our latest products as soon as they arrive from our local growers.

If you have any questions about our popular vapes or other ultra-pure consumables, give our helpful team a call for pro tips, and personal recommendations, and learn more about our favorite flavors in Vancouver today.

Contact the Best Vape Delivery Company in British Columbia

We’re in the business of hooking our customers up with the best deals and the most reliable service in the world of weed delivery. Be sure to check out our site regularly, because we’re constantly running weed specials and rolling out exciting new strains and concentrates. 

If you have any questions, our helpful weed team has years of experience in the business. We’ve personally sampled all of our products, and will gladly teach you about our different strains, edibles, and every product in between. If you’d like to learn more about our speedy delivery service, flavorful varieties, or ever have a problem with your weed delivery, don’t hesitate to give our friendly crew at BC Exotics a call today!