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Fresh bud, edibles, and vapables to your door in minutes. Faster than your favorite pizza place, all of our strains arrive freshly sealed and ready to burn. Whether you’re in the mood for a laidback Indica hash delivery, or you’re hoping to sample some exotic concentrates, all of our potent products include free same-day cannabis delivery throughout British Columbia.

We source from the cleanest marijuana growers in the industry. We prioritize healthy relationships with our BC manufacturers, and hand selects our favorite buds for consistently unique and fragrant kush, edibles, and dabs you can trust in. Many of our flavorful bud AAAA varieties are grown in Living Soil Organic (L.S.O.), meaning you’ll receive the cleanest cannabis and dabs imaginable every time.

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Why Order Bud From BC Exotics?

  • Your Order Comes in 60 Minutes or Less
  • We Offer Free Delivery
  • We Sell Premium Strains
  • We Serve The Greater Vancouver Area

Where to Get Weed in Vancouver, Canada?

Since our weed shops directly connect you to the best marijuana growers in the business, we have access to a steady supply of diverse and flavorful bud varieties. Our weed dispensary is focused on quality first and foremost, so we only source bud AAAA varieties that feature characteristics of verified potency, pungent fragrance, and clean-burning smoke. 

The world of kush and dabs is an exciting place, and we hope to share our love of marijuana with all the bud enthusiasts out there. With fast weed online delivery, it’s easy to branch out and sample new strains that you might otherwise miss out on. We’re constantly updating available strains and concentrates, and keep our prices competitively low thanks to the trusted relationships with our manufacturers. 

Try New Products with Weed Home Delivery in Vancouver, BC

Along with the best THC delivery in Vancouver, our weed dispensary offers a ton of exciting products to try. Beyond potent cannabis delivery, our top concentrates, edibles, and vapables offer a welcomed change of pace for experiencing all that cannabis has to offer. With available options like THC gummies, chocolates, and CBD oil in Vancouver, we hope to help marijuana lovers in all walks of life find a product that suits them perfectly. 

Whatever you’re in the mood for, our potent dispensary delivery options from Burnaby to Richmond, BC, and beyond include: 
weed delivery vancouver

  • Fresh Bud AAAA
  • Kush Combo Packs
  • Shatter Concentrates
  • Vape Cartridges
  • Gummy & Chocolate Edibles
  • Pre-Rolled Marijuana Joints
  • Weed Tinctures
  • & More…

We Make Ordering Weed Simple

Our weed dispensary is on a mission to make potent weed delivery online accessible to everyone in need. We know it can be tough to find a reliable weed company in British Columbia, and do our best to provide consistent quality and speedy bud delivery you can count on. Our delivery is always free, and we’ll do whatever it takes to make it right if for any reason you aren’t completely satisfied with your weed delivery. 

We strive to set ourselves apart from other online dispensaries by simplifying the bud delivery process from start to finish. We’re constantly running specials on our user-friendly online dispensary, so filling your cart with the best online weed deals only takes a few minutes. Once you’ve packed your cart, simply send us your details and your weed home delivery will be on the way. 

With same-day cannabis delivery available from Port Coquitlam, BC and Surrey, BC to Delta and New Westminster, BC, our weed store delivery pros aim to arrive in an hour or less. Dedicated to the fastest same-day cannabis delivery in Vancouver, BC, we’ll even throw in a free company gift if we don’t make it to your door in time! Our dispensary seriously cares, and we want to earn your trust as the most reliable source for quality weed online. 

Our same-day cannabis delivery promise extends throughout Vancouver, Canada. If you need speedy weed or edibles delivery in Vancouver, or any of these nearby areas, you can expect the best weed delivery at your door fast in:
weed home delivery vancouver

  • Vancouver, BC
  • West Vancouver
  • Surrey, BC
  • Port Coquitlam, BC
  • New Westminster, BC
  • Delta, BC
  • North Vancouver
  • Richmond, BC
  • Burnaby, BC
  • Downtown Vancouver

The Weed Delivery Company in Vancouver, BC that Cares

More than just the best place to buy weed online, our top bud delivery services are backed by the friendliest hash delivery crew in town. Instead of wondering where to get weed, you can count on our courteous weed store professionals to put your needs first with every timely shipment.

When you’re wondering where to get weed, you can expect our responsive services to ensure accuracy with every online weed order. We hope to establish long-term relationships with our weed shops’ clients and go above and beyond to make it right if you aren’t completely satisfied with your weed store purchase. 

Our weed shops in Vancouver, BC make tracking your weed online delivery simple. With our weed home delivery app, you can track our delivery buddies anywhere from North Vancouver to Downtown Vancouver. Clear communication with our customers is a priority, and from the moment your order is placed to the minute your dispensary delivery arrives, you’ll have open insight for a truly seamless hash delivery experience. 

Contact our Cannabis Dispensary in British Columbia, Canada

For reliable weed delivery made easy, don’t hesitate to reach out to our weed company to learn more. Our online dispensary is committed to integrity and timely weed delivery and is always glad to help you pick and choose the perfect strains or vape carts in Vancouver

As a cannabis dispensary in Vancouver that cares, our knowledgeable staff openly share their extensive product knowledge and weed wisdom. Whether you’re in West Vancouver, Burnaby, or Richmond, BC, our top dispensary professionals will clearly explain the differences in strains, potency levels, and techniques for proper consumption. We never want to sell you products you don’t understand, and focus on clear communication for complete confidence in our trustworthy online dispensary.

To learn more about all that our weed shops in British Columbia have to offer, like our pre-rolled joints in Vancouver, don’t hesitate to give us a call today for the freshest, cleanest, and most potent bud services you’ll find anywhere online!

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UBC $100

Free Delivery

There is no delivery fee. We have minimum orders depending on your area of location around Greater Vancouver area. Track your estimated time of delivery with our app. Free gift if we don’t make it within the hour.

Premium AAAA Flower
All of our premium strains are hand selected by our team from our exclusive growers. Most of our strains are Living Soil Organic (L.S.O). We take pride in only carrying strains of the highest quality with an exchange or refund policy if you are unhappy with any of our products.

Best Service
BCexotics is committed to creating the best customer experience possible. We care about each and every one of you. If there is ever an issue please contact our customer service team so that we may go above and beyond to make sure you leave with great value and experience from us.

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